(Smile Institute of Child Health & Akola Test Tube Baby Centre)

Looking after mental health of children & adolescents. Spreading awareness & deconstructing the stigma of mental illness.

Welcome to Smile & ATBC

Our Mission

To be the leader in evolution of healthcare and to spread Smile on every face we serve.

Our Vision

To improve health and enhance lives by a team of professionals to provide access to high quality, comprehensive, affordable and patient friendly healthcare.

Scope of Services


  • Pediatrics and Neonatal care: OPD, IPD, NICU, PICU, Immunisation, Emergency care.
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology : OPD, IPD, ANC, PNC, High Risk pregnancy, OT, Laparoscopy, Labour room, MTP, Family planning.

    Diagnostic Services

  • USG (Ultrasonography)

    Transfusion Services

  • Blood Transfusion Services

    Outsourced services

  • Child Developmental Centre
  • Laboratory
  • Radiology (X Ray)