Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Author: Mr Vishal Hiremath

Short Description: Emotional Intelligence is the capability of individuals to recognise their own ,and other peoples emotions.It can be measured on a scale and given a numeric value which is known as Emotional Quotient(EQ).

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Emotional Intelligence is the capability of individuals to recognise their own ,and other peoples emotions.It can be measured on a scale and given a numeric value which is known as Emotional Quotient(EQ).
Academic or cognitive intelligence(IQ) offers little prepration for the emotional challenges that a child will meet in the course of life. In fact statistics has proven that trend of lower EQ is seen in a majority of kids the world over.

Some common Misconception about Emotional Intelligence

These days Emotional Intelligence is revolution in Psychology and human development.A number of misunderstanding have arisen about Emotional Intelligence,which need to be explored and cleared.

Myth 1:Rationality is important,facts are more solid and useful.Hence emotions and the related emotional intelligence have no place in our life.

Reality : Emotions form an important survival system of our body.Emotions tell us about on our needs,influence our effective functioning and shape our dicisions.They give us important information about what is really happening in and around us and helps us make necessary changes.By focusing on emotions,we can actually deal with facts more easily and effectively.

Myth 2:Focussing on emotions takes time; I am too busy to find out what others are feeling.

Reality :Emotions help us to connect with our self and others.If one doesn’t focus on what one and others are feeling one may spend a longer time doing wrong things and less effective.

Myth 3:Emotional Intelligence is just a fancy psychology term or putting a old wine in new bottle.It has nothing new to offer.

Reality : Emotional Intelligence is an important set of skills and abilities required to survive effectively as a human being.These skills influence what and how we teach children in schools,how we live day-to-day in families and how we function in organizations.There have neuro-scientific studies and ground breaking brain research done all over the world in last decade,which has given important insights into the concept of EQ and its credibility.

Myth 4: Emotional Intelligence is a touchy-feely concept that require lot of expression and telling other how you feel.That would embarrass people and break relationships.

Reality : Emotional Intelligence more often than not involves,expressing and managing emotions effectively.So being more emotionally intelligent does not necessarily involve telling everyone how you feel but gives one an advantage to appropriately communicate one’s needs.

Myth 5:My feelings are invisible to others and I can hide them .So I don’t need these skills of : Emotional Intelligence.

Reality : This is a great ignorance.people can perceive our emotions from our body language,especially when they do not match our words.It’s more damaging to the body-mind if you hide or suppress your emotions.

Scientific Definition
“Emotional intelligens is the ability to perceive emotions ;to access and generate emotions so as to assist thought; to understand emotion and emotional knowledge; and to reflectively regulate emotions so as to promote emotional and intellectual growth.”

What does Emotional Intelligence in a child Imply?

Emotional Intelligence is a part of the child’s Intelligence which shows his/her abilities to effectively deal with his/her own and others emotions.It includes skills and abilities called ‘EQ skill ’or Emotional skills like

1)Ability to understand,express and recognise constructively (Emotional Litracy skill) that is,knowing the language of emotions,emotional vocabulary and emotional self awareness.
2)Ability to control impulses and delay gratification.
3)Ability to motivate self and others
4)Ability to use optimism skills to guide through adversities.
5)Ability to work in group with cooperation.

What is the difference between Intellectual Quotient(IQ) and Emotional Quotient(EQ)

[A]Intellectual Quotient IQ

1)Deals with child’s cognitive sphere.
2)It is genetic.
3)It predicts school performance
4)Overall increases in Intellectual Quotient by 20 points(Flynn effect)in last three decades.

[B] Emotional Quotient(EQ)

1)Deals with the child’s emotional sphere
2)Partly genetic but can be developed
3)Important for emotional health,Physical and emotional wellness,success and happiness in life.
4)Deterioration in emotional quotient of Children the world over in the last 2-3 decades.

Important Tips

1)Emotional Intelligence is that part of child’s intelligence which shows their ability to effectively deal with their emotions.The measure of Emotional Intelligence is called Emotional Quotients.
2)Children with higher EQ are more assertive,less lonely,less impulsive,more focused ,more responsible,more popular and outgoing and have greater academic achievements