Child Asthma clinic

Asthma is common in children due to dust, pollution, foods, heredity… In fact, asthma is one of the most common long-term diseases of children. Children can have only repeated cough or wheezing.…sometimes breathlessness & dyspnoea can be absent! Timely & proper treatment can prevent decreased lung capacity…Diagnosis and proper treatment of asthma in children by expert child specialist is available. With scientific asthma treatment such children can lead normal life and participate in sports too! Non-habit-forming inhaler therapy, use of MDI, spacers, masks, preventive medications, lung exercises are also important. Some children have allergic bronchitis associated with allergic rhinitis, repeated sneezing, snoring and they keep their mouth open during sleep. Sleep in such children is not refreshing and such children can have headaches and day time sleepiness. This is called OSAS – obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome. With regular therapy, surgery for tonsils adenoids may be avoided. We can help you limit your child's exposure to common asthma triggers and allergens, such as pet dander, dust mites, and mold. Guidance on use of steroids in childhood asthma is offered so as to avoid it’s use and steroid side effects. With our expert asthma specialist, child can have better sleep and avoid school absences.

Child Epilepsy clinic

For fits, convulsions, seizures in children. Fits can occur in children with or without fever. Recognizing and treating seizures as early as possible can help avoid learning and developmental delays. Some fits need long treatment in proper doses of drugs so as to avoid side effects of anticonvulsant medicines. Some fits or convulsions in children need not be treated with years of medicines. Epilepsy in children sometimes need EEG, brain CT scan or Brain MRI. Our child epilepsy experts help you improve quality of life of such children. With proper treatment of children epilepsy & fits, driving, college, career, marriage, and raising a family are possible for the vast majority of people. Child neurologist will help children, family and teachers to achieve good results in case of child having fits, seizures, convulsions and epilepsy.

Children Surgery Centre

Children who need operation or surgery are treated by paediatric surgeon in association with child anaesthetist and paediatric nursing backup. Paediatric surgery unit is well equipped with NABH accredited operation theatre, laminar flow, HEPA filter and air handling unit AHU. All major and minor surgeries are performed by superspecialist child surgeon. Laparoscopic surgeries – minimally invasive - are also performed on children where needed. Expert preoperative evaluation of a child is performed, pre surgery preparation is done and post-surgery monitoring is meticulously done leading to safe surgery and no risk of post operative infection.

Paediatric infectious diseases (Child Fever clinic)

Infections are common problems in children. All types of infectious diseases in children like viral, bacterial, fungal etc are diagnosed and treated. Lung & Respiratory infections like pneumonia, gastrointestinal infections like diarrhoea & gastroenteritis, Brain infections like meningitis & encephalitis are treated with proper antiviral drugs and rational antibiotic therapy. Antibiotic therapy policy is used to guide proper selection, exact doses, perfect duration of antibiotics. Blood cultures and urine cultures are regularly done for scientific antibiotics usage in cases of children’s infections.

Children Allergy clinic

Various Allergies are common in children like dust allergy, food allergy, milk allergy, pollen allergy, medicines allergy etc. Diagnosing paediatric allergy diseases require allergy testing and proper documentation. Allergic rhinitis, allergic bronchitis, atopic eczema, urticaria etc are managed by expert paediatricians. Allergy in children can be seasonal or perennial. Children allergies can be hereditary or acquired.

New born care unit

Neonatal intensive care unit, premature baby unit are available round the clock for premature babies, low birth weight babies, babies who did not cry at birth, jaundice in babies, all types of new born baby diseases. Special care neonatal unit, NICU has all modern equipment with excellent infrastructure, CCTV monitoring, central oxygen, phototherapy.

Telemedicine centre

Teleconsultation with expert child specialist is available which saves money, time & travel. Expert tele-consultation from the comfort of your home, by audio & video call and get the signed prescription in pdf format. You can start teleconsultation with Dr Narendra Rathi by clicking this link: