Best Dyslexia Clinic by Dr Narendra Rathi sir. My experience at the dyslexia clinic was incredibly positive. The staff was attentive and empathetic, creating a comfortable environment. The assessment process was thorough, identifying specific challenges the child faced. The tailored interventions and strategies suggested were remarkably helpful. Throughout my visits, the team exhibited patience and provided practical guidance. Their expertise and commitment were evident in the progress the child made in improving reading and writing skills. The clinic's dedication to supporting individuals with dyslexia is commendable, and I'm grateful for the positive impact it has had on child’s abilities and confidence. I highly recommend the clinic to anyone seeking effective assistance for dyslexia.

Hardik Rathi

I am thrilled to share my experience at Smile Child Health Clinic, an exceptional childhood healthcare provider that truly focuses on well-being rather than just addressing illness in pediatrics population. Their well child clinic reflects a proactive approach that every pediatric doctor should learn from. The team at Smile Child Health Clinic goes beyond traditional "sickcare" by placing a strong emphasis on preventive measures, early detection, and holistic Growth for children This approach not only ensures the physical health of the child but also fosters their emotional and mental well-being. I am grateful for their commitment to comprehensive care and believe that their model sets a benchmark for pediatric practices everywhere Kudos to Smile Child Health Clinic for truly putting healthcare first! Thankyou Dr Narendra Rathi sir for helping the children community

Swapnil Khote

I am truly impressed with the Institute of Child Health run by Dr Narendra Rathi sir for their exceptional commitment to child health. Their comprehensive range of preventive and treatment services is a testament to their dedication. The institute's approach goes beyond addressing immediate concerns; they focus on the overall well-being of children. The professional and caring staff ensure that each child receives the attention they deserve. From routine check-ups to specialized treatments, the Institute of Child Health covers every aspect of pediatric care. As a parent, I am grateful for the peace of mind knowing that my child's health is in capable hands. This institute stands out for its holistic approach and unwavering dedication to ensuring a healthier future for our children. Strongly recommend!


I'm delighted to share my experience of Dr Narendra Rathi for his School Underachiever Clinic. When my child started struggling with their studies, and he was not getting expected marks in various subjects in school exams, I was worried and didn't know where to turn. The dedicated team at Dr Rathi’s clinic provided invaluable support, and empathetic approach to address my child's unique needs. Through their diagnosis evaluations, treatment , patient guidance, encouragement, and effective strategies, my child started to excel in school. I am immensely grateful for the School Underachiever Clinic's expertise in helping my child overcome their academic challenges and thrive once again. Thanks a lot Dr Narendra Rathi sir.

Anil Khule

I recently visited the Child Headache Clinic at Smile Children Clinic and I am extremely satisfied with the care provided. The staff was very friendly and professional, and they made me feel comfortable throughout the entire visit. The clinic is well-equipped and the doctors are highly knowledgeable and skilled in treating pediatric headaches. I was impressed with the level of attention and care given to my child, and the doctors took the time to explain the diagnosis and treatment plan in detail. Overall, I highly recommend the Child Headache Clinic at Smile Children Clinic to anyone seeking quality care for their child's headaches.

Ganesh Mohale

I am very delighted to write a feedback review for Smile Child Asthma Center in Akola. From my knowledge and understanding of the center, I can confidently say that it is one of the best pediatric Asthma centers in the region. The staff at Smile Child Asthma Center are exceptionally knowledgeable, professional, and caring. The doctors and nurses are well-trained in pediatric Asthma care and treatment, and they provide personalized attention to each child's needs. They are also very patient with the children, which is essential when dealing with young patients who may be scared or anxious. The facilities at Smile Child Asthma Center are top-notch. The center is clean, well-maintained, and child-friendly. The waiting room is comfortable and equipped with toys and books to keep children entertained while waiting for their appointment. The examination rooms are spacious and designed to make children feel at ease during their check-ups. What sets Smile Child Asthma Center apart from other pediatric Asthma Centers is their holistic approach to Asthma care. They don't just treat the symptoms; they also educate parents and children on how to manage Asthma and prevent flare-ups. They offer comprehensive Asthma management plans that include medication, diet, exercise, and environmental control. In conclusion, I highly recommend Smile Child Asthma Center to any parent looking for the best care for their child's Asthma . The staff are caring and professional, the facilities are excellent, and the holistic approach to Asthma care sets them apart from other centers. If you're in Akola and need an Asthma center for your child, Smile Child Asthma Center is the place to go!

Ankush Gayakwad

Excellent care is consistently delivered at all levels - from clinical assessments and necessary interventions through to cleanliness and presence of compassionate staff. I always found that any visit or stay at this Clinic has always been reassuring for the patients and carers. I wish all the best for the clinical and administrative staff of this Clinic. This Clinic is a centre of excellence in provision of healthcare to the citizens of Vidharbha, MH !

Kiran Janjal

Doubling the trouble, doubling the love... and medical needs! We were overwhelmed as new parents to twins, especially when both fell ill. But Smile Children Health Center became our heroes! The best children doctor in the city, with endless patience and expertise, calmed our anxieties and ensured both our angels recovered fully. This very good children clinic is more than just medical care, it's a haven for little ones (and stressed parents!). I am the real grateful dad and honestly recommend Smile Child Clinic. Thanks!

Jiya Sharma

Very empathetic children specialist at Smile Child Clinic. I am fully satisfied with their work and services. More and more clinics should adopt these protocols. Best Pediatrics Doctor indeed!

Kailas Bargat